£50 Google Play Gift Card (UK)

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Google Play Store is a platform offering a wide assortment of digital content to meet the needs of various customers. Google Play gift card is a digital voucher containing a code that once activated, can be used to purchase the goods available at the aforementioned Google Play store. Buy Google Play gift card and indulge in the content provided by the versatile Google Play store – from songs to books and games! Invest in Google Play vouchers to save money and get more content and most importantly, more quality entertainment.

How do I activate my Play store gift card?

First, you must know that the accessibility of Google Play cards is linked to regions, so keep in mind to check the region of the card before proceeding to purchase. Now, the activation process of Google Play gift card is relatively simple – all you need to do is follow the instructions provided below for activating it via desktop or the phone:

  • To redeem the Google Play card, you must first access your Google account (or create one here);
  • In the home screen of the Google Play app, press Redeem button;
  • Once the request window pops up, enter the Google Play redeem code that you should find in your e-mail after the purchase in our store;
  • The money should reach your Google Play balance in just a few moments.

You can also activate the Play store gift card as you’re making the purchase:

  • When starting the transaction on the Play store, select the G Pay icon to choose your payment method;
  • Choose Redeem code in the list of options available;
  • Enter the Google Play redeem code;
  • Confirm the code and then proceed to confirm your purchase;
  • The gift card has been successfully used for instant purchase.

Enjoy your shopping experience and we will be waiting for your return!

22 reviews for £50 Google Play Gift Card (UK)

  1. Cook

    Young lad it was purchased for as a gift didn’t complain, so assume he was happy.

  2. Revesz

    It would be nice if GiftChill offered these as physical cards.

  3. Reehal

    Who doesn’t love money to spend on Giftchill!

  4. Rieger

    Great way of sending a voucher!

  5. smith

    Downloaded immediately after purchase

  6. Floyd

    SO easy to purchase and send to a loved one.

  7. Brauneisen

    Great Gift


    I purchased this for my granddaughter for her birthday gift she loves playing games and I hate going out to shops.

  9. mccullom

    as long as it works, what could be wrong? took me a minute to find the code though, they changed the process since last time I used one of these.

  10. Grau

    Exactly What You Expect

  11. Void-Holmes

    I did not have an issue with it and it went through very well if anything change I would change my review but so far it works fine

  12. MOCohen

    Great idea.

  13. Moore

    I give 5 stars.

  14. Wang

    Code worked, Came within minutes of my purchase confirmation.

  15. LoroFerhach

    Purchase several of these monthly for gifts

  16. Sosa

    I’m so glad giftchill has this option. Code is emailed to you and your ready to use. Super simple , quick and reliable . Especially now for the pandemic.

  17. Huang

    A very good present option

  18. Alexander

    these are great

  19. Hurt

    Love getting my card from giftchill because they send you and email right after you buy and the code worked immediately. No waiting at the store and no waiting for the code.

  20. Sclafani

    So easy to gift it

  21. Henderson

    Code redeemed successfully. Great discount

  22. Crogan

    This was a gift and it was well received

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