€25 Steam Gift Card (EUROPE)

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Steam Gift Card is an easy way to put money into your own Steam Wallet or give the perfect gift of games to your friend or family member.

Use Steam Gift Card to download and play your favorite PC + MAC Games!

Steam Gift Cards work just like a gift certificate, which can be redeemed on Steam for the purchase of games, software, wallet credit, and any other item you can purchase on Steam website.

Steam Gift Card Redemption Instructions:
Steam Gift Cards work just like gift certificates, which can be redeemed on Steam for the purchase of games, software, hardware, and any other item you can purchase on Steam
To redeem €25 Steam Gift Card you do not need a lot of time. Go on your Steam account then enter your wallet and choose the option “Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code”. After that you need to enter code from the card and that’s all. Funds are going to be transferred to your wallet .
– Are there any restrictions on purchasing digital gift cards?

You and your friend must both have Steam accounts and you’ll need to be friends on Steam. You can purchase Steam digital gift cards for any user that you have had on your friends list for at least 3 days.

– What can my friend buy with their digital gift card?

Their digital gift card will be delivered into their Steam Wallet to use right away once your friend accepts their gift. That means your friend can purchase games, or micro-transactions. If your friend’s account is not limited, they can even purchase items from the Steam Community Market.

– What happens if my friend lives in another country?

The digital gift card you purchased will automatically be converted into your friend’s currency.


  • Steam users receive exclusive deals and automatic game updates, can gift games to friends, trade items, and even create new content for games via the Steam Workshop.
  • Join the Steam community to meet new friends, and play with over 75 million gamers from around the world. Steam offers an extensive catalog of PC, Mac, and Linux games.

Important Note: Steam Gift Cards and Wallet Codes will be converted to the currency of your Steam Wallet upon redemption, regardless of where they were purchased.

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18 reviews for €25 Steam Gift Card (EUROPE)

  1. Knight

    Quick delivery and easy to use at checkout.

  2. Aker

    Not really much to say about a gift card but it arrived on time and worked exactly how you would expect it to.

  3. Scott

    Perfect way of giving a birthday present when you know you won’t be seeing the person on that day, also meaning they can purchase whatever they would like which also makes life easier when not knowing what to buy as a birthday gift.

  4. Schulten

    Product was delivered as scheduled, and my friend did not have any issues redeeming it.

  5. Acosta

    Quick and easy to use

  6. Farr

    Easy was emailed when said it would be.

  7. siak

    Greater than having it delivery ?? because no codes can be taken.

  8. campbell

    Couldn’t be easier

  9. Bailey

    What a wonderful gift to give

  10. McCann

    Immediately emailed to me.

  11. Romero

    I like to buy these gift cards because they work immediately

  12. Resendiz

    Ordered 2 at the same time and both of them worked.

  13. Alvidrez

    Easy purchase, delivery as expected- fast.

  14. Oliver



    Always buy the gift card! Because It’s very easy to use, and u never goona lose it!

  16. Carbajal

    Simply buy the item and then the code will be in your order confirmation as soon as you checkout.

  17. VomJampvara

    Perfect gift when you have no idea on what to buy for the other person! =)

  18. McCurry

    Just simple to use.

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