$85 Xbox Gift Card (GLOBAL)

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Xbox Gift Card (GLOBAL) allows instant access to buy a large array of downloadable content, including games and add-ons, map packs, music, high-definition movies and TV shows, sports and more, right on your Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows Phone 8 or Windows 10 PCs, tablets and phones. And on Xbox One, you can buy and download full blockbuster games the very day they are launched. Great as a gift, allowance, or credit card alternative as well.

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Xbox Gift Card (GLOBAL) Redemption instructions:

Please follow these steps to redeem your code:

  • Sign in to your Xbox One (make sure you’re signed in with the Microsoft account you want to redeem the code with).
  • Press the “Xbox” button to open the guide, then select “Home”.
  • Scroll right and choose the “Store” tab.
  • Choose “Use a code”.
  • Enter the 25-character code, then follow the prompts. Don’t worry about hyphens, the system takes care of those for you.
What can you buy with an Xbox Gift Card?
You can get the latest apps, games, movies and TV shows on Xbox, Windows, and buy Surface, Xbox, and accessories from Microsoft Store online.
Where can I spend a gift card?
Once redeemed to your Microsoft account, your gift card balance is available to spend when you shop at Microsoft Store online, on Windows and on Xbox.
What do you get when you buy a digital code?
You’ll get your gift card in a digital code format by email. The 25-character code can be printed, forwarded by email or sent over instant message.

Get the gamer on your list a $85 Xbox Gift Card (GLOBAL) to use at Microsoft Store online, on Windows and on Xbox. * You’ll receive an email with a digital code that your gift recipient can use to buy popular games, add-ons, map packs and more

You will receive Xbox gift card based on your billing country, for example: if your billing country is Canada you will receive a Canada Xbox gift card working only in Canada.

Click HERE to buy Xbox Gift Card from different regions.

32 reviews for $85 Xbox Gift Card (GLOBAL)

  1. Weber

    The perfect gift. Who shops in shops anymore anyway?

  2. Boyette

    Perfect service every time

  3. Martinez

    Worked great. Thank you!

  4. Purrervascica

    Extremely Useful for Gifting

  5. williams

    I recieve the code within seconds of my purchase and have gone sometimes several weeks without claiming the code without any issues.

  6. Codiwala

    Always good to give people who would otherwise spend any bday present money on household shopping.

  7. Freimuth

    These are a great gift that you can give to people without messing about with postage

  8. may

    Only down side is you cannot split the voucher so if you buy a £50 voucher only one person can use that voucher!

  9. Herrera

    I am terrible for remembering birthdays/anniversaries. This can be emailed immediately and if the rail isn’t picked up? The funds don’t leave your bank!! Sorted! (Except for the friends who say “oh you shouldn’t have” and so don’t want to cost you and won’t redeem it!)

  10. antle

    Use e-cards all the time. Work fine.

  11. Huynh

    So easy and I can last minute gift without guilt!!

  12. Yeung

    Easy to purchase and use

  13. flores

    I bought over 50 of these gift cards for members of an organisation and they were perfect.

  14. McDermott

    Shopping made easy.

  15. James

    Solid purchase. I don’t need to travel to the store every time. I had no complaints from the gift card codes I’ve given out to family and friends, all is well.

  16. Kirk

    I was able to copy and paste the E-Code and worked perfectly

  17. Werenotse

    Works as you’d expect, fast delivery of digital code. Never had an issue buying these from giftchill.

  18. Ruth

    so easy to send an exciting gift

  19. Flores

    Seamless – no problems

  20. MORSE

    5 stars is not enough, you deserve 100 stars.

  21. Green

    Quick, easy job done!

  22. cabrera

    A+ gift card, no any issues

  23. smiles

    Relatively quick to respond and provided excellent instructions on how to resolve my issue.

  24. Harnish

    Great for the office birthday or leaving do.

  25. Taylor

    I recommend this product

  26. Wei

    Nice to have

  27. Hakimi

    Very easy to order

  28. Corona

    No problems!

  29. Aranda

    Incredibly easy to use. You Purchase it and they send you the code almost immediately. Idk why some people are saying it took a long time.

  30. Schultz

    Received the code in about 5 minutes and had no issues using it.

  31. Kuzmicki

    I really like the convenience of these cards. I get the instant digital code. Just awesome

  32. Ferraro

    5 Stars!!!

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