$100 EA Origin Gift Card

(15 customer reviews)


An EA Gift Card is a gift card for Origin. You can give it to someone as a gift so they can buy what they want on Origin, or you can use it to add funds to your own EA Wallet.

Spend your EA Gift Card on any product in the Origin store, including many PC games and Pogo


EA Origin Games Gift Card Redemption Instructions:


  • EA Gift Cards may be redeemed at or directly within EA online stores, such as, that accept EA Wallet as a payment method
  • EA Gift Cards can only be redeemed once and cannot be reloaded, resold, transferred for value, refunded or redeemed for cash or applied to any other account.
  • Your EA Wallet will be activated once you redeem an EA Gift Card. EA does not charge any fees for the activation or use of your EA Wallet.
  • You may only open, access and use one EA Wallet at a time. Your EA Wallet will be valid for the currency of the first EA Gift Card successfully redeemed by you. If you subsequently change your country of residence of your EA Account, you must ensure the fund balance of your EA Wallet is cleared before you purchase an EA Gift Card in your new country of residence.

15 reviews for $100 EA Origin Gift Card

  1. Wegryn

    This was a digital download that cost the even less as the value of the card.

  2. AgesAddisk

    Great for extra spending

  3. King

    I didn’t have to pay extra. All of the people who are selling gift cards for more than what their worth need slapped in the head.

  4. Bara

    Very Adaptable Gift Card

  5. Schilling

    No issues

  6. Campbell

    It works as expected. They arrive quickly every single time I purchase, I have had no issues redeeming my gift cards, nor has anyone to whom I’ve gifted them had issues. 🙂

  7. mrJonnySnoopony

    Easy use

  8. Plumlee

    Makes a perfect gift, especially during quarantine! Easy transaction!

  9. Rodriguez

    I didn’t want yet another company having my credit card number, so I went this way instead.

  10. Moorman

    I received the voucher code almost immediately and was able to gift it over. Easy peasy.

  11. sunnyannuak

    Perfect birthday gift

  12. Bleraqualia


  13. Vostemigroogs

    No need to worry about ripping the code while scratching it. Amazing.

  14. Zachariah

    Had a little issue as I did not send full payment, But support team helped me. I’m totally satisfied.

  15. Landers

    I’m all about the digital gift cards. These are easy to purchase, easy to locate the code and easy to redeem! I will definitely be purchasing more digital gift cards!

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