GiftChill FAQs

New to GiftChill and got questions? Hopefully we can answer them below!

General Questions

GiftChill  is excited to offer hundreds of different gift cards at low prices. We know that the process of purchasing gift cards online can be complicated and we’ve done our best to make the process easy. With multiple cryptocurrency payment options, hundreds of cards, and instant delivery, we feel we’ve created the perfect online gift card shop

We sell gift cards to hundreds of different vendors, both in the UK and overseas. Due to our supply process, the specific cards can change daily and the best way to find out what’s in-stock is simply to browse. We do tend to keep the major gift cards constantly in stock: Amazon, Xbox, iTunes, Steam, etc.

Yes. We utilize HTTPS and SSL technology to encrypt all data. In addition to the layer of protection provided by encryption, we provide additional security through our use of cryptocurrency as a payment method. You won’t need to worry about your banking or credit card information being used or revealed at any point.

Purchase and Delivery

Through the GiftChill web site, select the gift card you’d like to purchase. You’ll then be able to pay by your favorite Cryptocurrency. Ensure that you’re purchasing the correct card and the right amount, then authorize the transaction. Once you pay via cryptocurrency the gift card will be automatically sent via email.

No, our website only accepts cryptocurrency. This allows us to instantly process the transaction without complicated verification systems and ensures you get the gift card you purchase as quickly as possible.

We accept Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Binance Coin (BNB), ChainLink (LINK), Dash (DASH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Kishu Inu (KISHU), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Tether (USDT_ERC20) and USD Coin (USDC). We’re constantly working with other payment processors to expand our payment options as more coins come on board. 

Once the payment is confirmed, your card will be emailed instantly. This all takes place automatically, so you won’t have to wait for a human to press any buttons. Upon payment you’ll immediately receive your card. Make sure you check any Spam or Promotion folders, as you should immediately receive the code.

No. Currently, we only provide instant transmission of the purchased card via email. We do offer options if you’d like to purchase a card as a gift, but it will arrive via email. We do not currently have plans to offer any physical mailing of cards.

No. Operating with digital-only cards allows us to ensure you receive your purchase immediately. As we don’t have to deal with post mail or shipping, we can keep costs low and confirm transactions immediately.

Gift cards make a great present, and if you want someone else to receive the card that you are purchasing, we can make that happen. Be sure to fill in the recipient’s details in the ‘Order Note’ section during your checkout

Each individual gift card is sent with full redemption instructions. While many gift cards simply require their code to be redeemed, some come with additional instructions such as a PIN. The GiftChill website will ensure that you have all the information you need to redeem your purchase. Make sure you double-check your email before attempting to use the card. If any special circumstances need to be met, we’ll include them in the email.

The great thing about buying your gift card with GiftChill is that you can use your gift card straight away. Your card is registered and activated at the moment it has been purchased from us. As soon as you receive your email, you can start to spend it.

The vast majority of gift cards on our website will never expire. However, some companies do require that their cards expire after a certain amount of time. These cards will be clearly designated as such on the product description page and in the email you receive.

No. As part of the purchase and checkout process, your card will be fully activated as soon as you receive it. You’ll be able to immediately use the card after making the purchase. All the codes for sale on our website are confirmed to be valid. Once your payment is processed you’ll have the code and be able to use it immediately.

This also depends on the company. Many companies that provide the GiftChill  gift cards allow customers to purchase goods online and in-store with them, but some companies require them to only be used online. Because the information is all sent digitally, this presents an issue with in-store use. However, many companies will accept the code if provided in-store or printed out. This varies from company to company. Just like the expiration date, however, this information will be clearly marked on the product purchase page. If you need to be able to use the card in-store, check before purchasing and ensure you will be able to do so.

You should not have any problems with your gift card, and we aim to provide a smooth and safe service for all of our customers. Occasionally something may go wrong, and in these circumstances, we are more than happy to help. If there is a problem redeeming your gift card, get in touch with us and we will look into the situation and provide you with the advice you need to fix your issue.

Other Questions

Yes. Our official company name is GiftChill Limited and our Company Number is SC651079.

No. Although we require customers to log into the website in order to purchase gift cards, this is strictly to ensure we correctly deliver them and can troubleshoot in the rare case anything goes wrong. All your information is completely secure with us and will not be given or sold to any third party.

Any personal information that you share with us remains secure stored and is confidential. We don’t share your information with any third parties or marketing companies

We believe that cryptocurrencies offer a safe way of exchanging money and buying products and services online. If you are new to buying anything using cryptocurrency, it is vital that you be sure and spend some time learning about some of the best practice ways to ensure that you keep your cryptocurrency wallet and your key safe at all times.